Thomas Abildgaard

Aero Architectural Studio 

Digital Design Miniproject 2011

23th til 25th Febuary 2011

Development (group work)

16th til 22th Febuary 2011

Phase 03 Decomposition (individual work)

9th  to 15th   February 2011 (day 10)

Phase 02 pin-up Composition (individual work)


Thursday February 9th 2011 (day 8)

Wedensday February 9th 2011 (day 7)


The exericisc was to test two  from phase 1 in a wind tunnel to observe the airflow around the setup.

Each compositions was tested in two directions.

The drifference form phase 1 is that there now is a airflow from all across the setup with smoke and not onely airflow in a narrow area.

Tuesday February 8th 2011 (day 6)

Pin-up  phase 1:

We handel out our profit we have obtain thru phase 1 “Element & dynamic”  to the other student with some graphis picture on a wall sheet, and write down some good notes form the others.

Here are what I told from the pin-up:

In phase 1./ Elements and Dynamism I have discovered how air flow will act with is surrounding object. Thru the aerodynamic experiment, I discovered what there affect the outcome of the experiment.
– The wind velocity of the hairdryer made different developments.
– The amount of salt made different outcome.
– The angle or position between the elements and the hairdryer.
– The distance or the relative positions between the elements.

Picture no. 1 and no. 2 show visual many information’s about aerodynamic air flow.

In picture no. 1 are the blue “ + “ and ”  – “  indicate that the wall surfaces exposed positive pressure in the windward and negative pressure in leeward. The negative wind pressure have a dragging effect on the positive wind pressure, this phenomena is visual at the corner of the walls leeward, were there is a small area with turbo-lens.

At the picture no. 2 there is a setup with four elements, it make the development of the winds positive pressure and negative pressure more complicated. In the area with the yellow + and – are the wind neutral, that’s because there is equal amount of positive and negative pressure.

Monday February 7th 2011 (day 5)


Friday February 4th 2011 (day 4)


The test is now with tree elements, so they are getting more complicated way to disturbs the wind direction.

Thursday February 3rd 2011 (day 3)

Having made the same kind of test like yesterday, but now with  two elements to disturbs the wind direction.

After during the experiments I found some elements which can affect the result of the experiment.


–   The wind velocity of the hairdryer made different developments

–  The amount of salt made differents outcome

– The angle or position between the elements and the hairdryer.

– The distance or the relative positions between the elements.

Wednesday February 2nd 2011 (day 2)


After having worked all day with aerodynamic tests, discovered I visual how wind act with it’s surrounding elements.

Phase 1: Element & Dynamic

To do the experiment:( see picture below)

–  I have a simple box with a grid at the bottom, 

– Salt to cover the bottom of the box

–  Wall-elements to place in the box  

– Hairdryer to made a wind  towards the wall-elements

– To keep the camera in the same position, I make something out in wood with a hole to the camera lince. 



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