Rumle Petersen

Feburary 14th 2011

Wooden joints!

Found this scooting around on google:
A book explaining wooden joints and how to make them, using the tool we have available at Utzon

Saturday 12th 2011

A day without constrains

Took a day without the concern for the assignments restrictions, this lead to some very interesting shapes, generating vortexes horizontally.

Friday 11th 2011

A day of realisation

Only one of the models had a useable feature. Based on the lack of interesting outcome and the interest for vortexes. I decided to go with the strategy of creating space where vortexes appear.

Thursday 10th 2011

A day of cutting

Creativety was the main occupier of the day, prepared two models for
tomorrow and I look forward to the outcome.

Wednsday 9th 2011

The first time we experienced the wind tunnel

We experienced aerodynamics in a 3D environment for the first time, in a wind tunnel.
Testing our 2D models from phase one in it showed a more precise picture of what happens
when air passes through them.

Tuesday 8th 2011

We learn everyday, especially when people point out our flaws

Pin-up day, got to see what other people have discovered.
Also I recieved some critics concerning the illustrations I created for phase one.
So I should have more focus on the observation I make for later use.

Monday 7th 2011

Quantity doesn’t bring anything to the table

The day to “go crazy” today we set up our own experiments.
I did about 7 different setups exploring both changing of old setups and
creating new setups. The new ones I created was based uppon two different
factors one: the search for a vortex, second: specific directing of wind.

Friday 4th 2011

There are too few hours in one day

I had a short day did a few experiments.
Did 4.1 and 4.2 it had a rather simple result, nothing to go on with.

February 3rd 2011

Yet another day of salt and obstacles, and today we turned it up a nudge!

Working with more obstacles at the same time and in a more complex way resulting in interesting patterns and wirlwinds. I concluded that small changes can have great impact on the outcome of an experiment, atleast in the scale we are working in. And some changes doesn’t effect the experiment at all, for instance placeing two walls with the flat side facing the hair dryer(exercise 2.1) doesn’t show anything new from yestodays execise with only one wall. Found that a bit disappointing.

But I was facinated by the wirlwind occuring in one of the later execises and I look forward to exploring that further tomorrow.

Looking at some of my fellow students they have stated their purpose for this blog, so I feel that I should do the same:
I wish to display my thoughts to whom ever find this blog/study interesting, I am going to do this through text, and only that.

February 2nd  2011

Experimenting with salt, wind and obstacles

The source of errors occuring in this exercise comes from all three factors. Salt, the source of the wind(hair dryer) and the box in which the experiment take place.

The errors from Salt is:

  • The amount of salt used
  • How evenly the salt has been distributed in the box
  • How fine the grains of the salt is(assumption)

The error from the Wind is:

  • Position of the source, horizontally and vertically
  • The angle which the source points at the middle of the box
  • The power of the source(Watt)
  • Size of the mouthpiece
  • Acceleration from Min-Max power
  • Turbulence in the air flow
  • The temperature of the air(different degrees change the friction of the salt, there by changing the movement of it.

The box:

  • How sealed the box is.
  • The material which the box has been made of
  • How good the grid(A3) has been glued on to the bottom of the box, pockets of air change the outcome of the experiment

The obstacles:

  • How tight they can sit on the grid(letting air pass under it will alter the experiment)