Bo E. J. Christensen


Day 08

Like the day before. The black beams are walls, the red lines shows the airflow and the arrows in circels are areas with turbulence.

The also moves over the walls and there is seen som turbulence between the some of the walls in both situations. there is also turbulence behind the complete structure.


In both circumstances the airflow goes around the whole structure and not through it. Some turbulence is created behind the structure in each circumstance.


The also moves over the structure in both situations and turbulence is seen in the same places. But also behind the single walls in the second situation.


In the top situation the air moves around the walls and creates some turbulence between the walls connected and the single walls standing behind them. in the second situation turbulence is seen behind the whole structure.


Day 07

The black beams are again walls, the red lines shows the airflow and the arrows in circels are areas with turbulence.

Most of the airflow passes through the space between the walls, and follows the walls at some points. on the upper situation some turbulence are seem behind the first wall. In the other situation the turbulence gets created behind all the walls.

The Airflow goes mostly around the walls and creates some turbulence, as some of the air gets behind the walls. More turbulence is created on the lower situation then on the other.




Situation13: Four walls placed on three rows, with two walls on the lower row. the midle wall in standing in the midle of the airflow and gives the same effekt at in situation1. the two walls closer to the Hairdryer are placed more to the side, so they dont get a hit by that much airflow. The closet one gets hit very little and the one a bit farer away get more, is proberly happening because the air spreads away from the centerline.

Situation14: Four walls on two rows. The two first walls of each row, gets hits by the air close to the corner near the centerline. It seems that this makes some of the air move along the wall and slowly clearet that area of salt. Most of the air still moves down through the middle, since its open.


All the other situations was given beforehand, but the last two we ourself had to come up with and these are the results.

Situation15: The last wall is hidden behind the others, but by placing the other three walls this way, they should be able to change the flow of air so that it will his the last wall too. As the picture shows it happened as predicted, even through the airflow was not that powerful.

Situation16: As in situation15 the goal here is again to see an effekt of the air on the last wall, hidden behind the others. the effekt here is even weaker then on the situation before, but there is still a little. The effekt will proberly be greater if it gets more time.




Situation09: Three walls on three rows. the upper wall, closest to the Hairdryer are only hit by a little air on its lower corner. The middle wall are directly hit by the air flow and gives the same as situation1. The last wall, which is the farthest away are also hit a little by the airflow. Some of the air is proberly redirected by the middle wall and then hits the last wall.

Situation10: Three walls placed on three rows. The middle wall gives the same effekt as in situation1, and the two other walls resembles situation2.

Situation11: three walls placed as shown on the picture. the front wall blocks all airflow, so the to walls behind dont get hit. As in situation1 the wall seems to change the direction of the air, as it still trys to move past the wall. If  the two last walls are moved out is the airflows direction, created by the first wall, they will get hit and proberly create more chenges of the airflow.

Situation12: Three walls placed as on the picture. The airflow goes the middle and the first wall, which is turned 45degrees, changes the airflow so the wall behind dont get hit. The lower wall is the same as in situation4. The clearet area from the to walls in front will eventually grow together.




Situation05: Two walls, placed on across the centerline. As in Situation01 the air moves around the 1st wall it is proberly therefore the 2nd wall get hit by the airflow.

Situation06: Two walls, placed with edges on the centerline where the airflow is pointed at.

Situation07: Two walls parallel with the centerline, but placed abit away from it . Same effekt as in situation03, but if the airflow continues long enough they will eventually get connected by a salt free area.

Situation08: Two walls parallel with the centerline and placed on it. The 1st wall take most of the flow nad the 2nd wall only get hit by a little. Since they are so thin here, they can not block all the direct airflow. This proberly causes the secound wall to be hit.



All situations are created in a three walled area, with walls placed at different positions. the airflow is created by a hairdryer, pointed down the centerline of the walled area.

To minimize the error margin, its importent to keep all parameters static. this includes the cameras positon, the containerand, flow of air and the amount of salt. Since the experiment in done in a area sorrounded by walls, the wind mind get bounced back ones it hits a wall.

The black beams are walls, the triangle shows where the direction of airflow comes from and the colored lines shows the areas where the salt is blown away.

  1. Red
  2. Yellow
  3. Green
  4. Blue
  5. Orange

The time between each line is the same (2 seconds).

Situation01: Airflow right on the wall. The air then moves around the wall and slowly pushes the salt away at the edges of the wall.


Situation02: Airflow pointed on one of the walls corners . The angle of the air for this corner changes a little, but alot at the other corner. here the airflow have changed almost 90degrees.


Situation03: The wall is turned 90degrees and the airflow is pointed rigth on it. Simuler effekt here as for situation01, just weaker.


Situation04: The wall is turned 90degrees and the airflow is pointed to the area beside wall. Simuler effekt here as for situation02, just weaker.


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