1. Phase 02/02/11

Today we have experimented with wind flows and learned about standard aerodynamics.

Here is a giff animation with the first experiment:

Today we made 4 different experiments.

To the experiment we used a hairdryer to blow the salt. It was very important to secure that the hairdryer always was in the middle. Cause this could cause many different measurements.

To the first experiment we used af “wall” in the middle of the box. Here we could se, how the wind worked around the wall and the turbulence which occurred.

You can se all the experiments (1-4) in the diagram underneath.

It was very difficult to make the measurements cause the many factors which influenced how the wind worked on the salt. Therefore it was important so secure the camera, the box, the hairdryer and to spread the salt equally in the box. this would make the experiments easier to study.

The 3 factors I could se under the experiments was the salt, Hairdryer and the box.


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